Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)
Class PubControl

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by
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public class PubControl
extends ExtensionPoint

Publication control tag app:control, which usually contains app:draft. The main reason for having this as a separate object is mostly so that it can be used as an extension point. The draft flag is usually set using BaseEntry.setDraft(Boolean), which will create a PubControl object when necessary.

Nested Class Summary
 class PubControl.AtomHandler
          <app:control> parser.
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ExtensionPoint.CumulativeBlobHandler, ExtensionPoint.ExtensionHandler
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Field Summary
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localName, namespace
Constructor Summary
          Creates an empty app:control tag.
Method Summary
 void generateAtom( w, ExtensionProfile extProfile)
          Generates the atom representation for this tag.
 boolean isDraft()
          Checks the value of the app:draft tag.
 void setDraft(java.lang.Boolean draft)
          Sets the value of the app:draft tag.
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Constructor Detail


public PubControl()
Creates an empty app:control tag.

Method Detail


public boolean isDraft()
Checks the value of the app:draft tag.

true if the entry is a draft (false by default as per the atom publishing protoc spec)


public void setDraft(java.lang.Boolean draft)
Sets the value of the app:draft tag.

draft - sets the draft status, null to unset


public void generateAtom( w,
                         ExtensionProfile extProfile)
Generates the atom representation for this tag.