Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Interface Summary
AuthTokenFactory An interface to a factory that creates authentication tokens.
AuthTokenFactory.AuthToken A marker interface for authentication tokens.
AuthTokenFactory.TokenListener A listener interface that's used to inform interested parties that an authentication token has changed.
CookieManager An interface to a cookie manager.
GDataProtocol.Error The Error interface defines GData protocol response codes that are not defined in the base HTTP specification.
GDataProtocol.Header The Header interface defines various header names used within the GData protocol.
GDataProtocol.Method The Method interface defines extended method names used within the GData protocol.
GDataProtocol.Parameter The Parameters interface defines basic query parameter names used within the Data protocol.
GDataProtocol.Query The Query interface extends the basic set of parameter names with the common set that are used for GData feed queries.
Service.GDataRequest The GDataRequest interface represents a streaming connection to a GData service that can be used either to send request data to the service using an OutputStream (or XmlWriter for XML content) or to receive response data from the service as an InputStream (or ParseSource for XML data).
Service.GDataRequestFactory The GDataRequestFactory interface defines a basic factory interface for constructing a new GDataRequest interface.

Class Summary
CoreErrorDomain This is the error domain class for the Core Error Domain, representing errors thrown by the core server and Java client library.
DocumentQuery Simple class for document-based queries, i.e.
GDataProtocol The GDataProtocol class defines various constant values used within the Google Data API.
GoogleAuthTokenFactory A factory for creating Google authentication tokens (ClientLogin and AuthSub).
GoogleAuthTokenFactory.AuthSubToken Encapsulates the token used by web applications to login on behalf of a user.
GoogleAuthTokenFactory.OAuthToken Encapsulates the OAuth information used by applications to login on behalf of a user.
GoogleAuthTokenFactory.UserToken The UserToken encapsulates the token retrieved as a result of authenticating to Google using a user's credentials.
GoogleService The GoogleService class extends the basic GData Service abstraction to add support for authentication and cookies.
Query The Query class is a helper class that aids in the construction of a GData query.
Query.CategoryFilter The CategoryFilter class is used to define sets of category conditions that must be met in order for an entry to match.
Query.CustomParameter The CustomParameter class defines a base representation for custom query parameters.
Service The Service class represents a client connection to a GData service.
Service.Versions The Versions class defines Version constants representing the set of active versions of the GData core protocol and common data model classes.
SimpleCookieManager A simple cookie manager implementation.

Enum Summary
ClientLoginAccountType The valid values for the "accountType" parameter in ClientLogin.
Query.ResultFormat Defines all query return formats.
Service.GDataRequest.RequestType The RequestType enumeration defines the set of expected GData request types.

Exception Summary
GoogleService.AccountDeletedException Authentication failed, account has been deleted.
GoogleService.AccountDisabledException Authentication failed, account has been disabled.
GoogleService.CaptchaRequiredException Authentication failed, CAPTCHA requires answering.
GoogleService.InvalidCredentialsException Authentication failed, invalid credentials presented to server.
GoogleService.NotVerifiedException Authentication failed, account has not been verified.
GoogleService.ServiceUnavailableException Authentication failed, authentication service not available.
GoogleService.SessionExpiredException Authentication failed, the token's session has expired.
GoogleService.TermsNotAgreedException Authentication failed, user did not agree to the terms of service.