TurnBasedMatches: leaveTurn

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Leave a turn-based match during the current player's turn, without canceling the match. Try it now.


HTTP request

PUT https://www.googleapis.com/games/v1/turnbasedmatches/matchId/leaveTurn


Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
matchId string The ID of the match.
Required query parameters
matchVersion integer The version of the match being updated.
Optional query parameters
language string The preferred language to use for strings returned by this method.
pendingParticipantId string The ID of another participant who should take their turn next. If not set, the match will wait for other player(s) to join via automatching; this is only valid if automatch criteria is set on the match with remaining slots for automatched players.


This request requires authorization with the following scope:


For more information, see the authentication and authorization page.

Request body

Do not supply a request body with this method.


If successful, this method returns a TurnBasedMatches resource in the response body.

Try it!

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