GEDI L4B Gridded Aboveground Biomass Density (Version 2)

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This Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) L4B product provides 1 km x 1 km estimates of mean aboveground biomass density (AGBD) based on observations from mission week 19 starting on 2019-04-18 to mission week 138 ending on 2021-08-04. The GEDI L4A Footprint Biomass product converts each high-quality waveform to an AGBD prediction, and the L4B product uses the sample present within the borders of each 1 km cell to statistically infer mean AGBD.

The GEDI L2A Vector data can be found in the table collection LARSE/GEDI/GEDI02_A_002.

The GEDI L2A Monthly raster data can be found in the image collection LARSE/GEDI/GEDI02_A_002_MONTHLY.

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1000 meters


Name Units Description
MU Mg ha^-1

Mean aboveground biomass density (MU): Estimated mean AGBD for the 1 km grid cell, including forest and non-forest.


Variance component 1 (V1): Uncertainty in the estimate of mean biomass due to the field-to-GEDI model used in L4A.


Variance component 2 (V2)

  • If Mode of Inference = 1, this is the uncertainty due to GEDI's sampling of the 1 km cell.
  • If Mode of Inference = 2, this is uncertainty owing to the model predicting biomass using wall-to-wall data, calibrated with the L4A footprint product.
SE Mg ha^-1

Mean aboveground biomass density standard error (SE): Standard Error of the mean estimate, combining sampling and modeling uncertainty.

PE Percent

Standard error as a fraction of the estimated mean AGBD (PE). If >100%, the cell values are truncated to 100.


Number of clusters (NC): Number of unique GEDI ground tracks with at least one high-quality waveform intersecting the grid cell.


Number of samples (NS): Total number of high-quality waveforms across all ground tracks within the grid cell.


Quality flag (QF)

  • 0=Outside the GEDI domain
  • 1=Land surface
  • 2=Land surface and meets GEDI mission L1 requirement (Percent standard error <20% or Standard Error < 20 Mg ha-1)

Prediction stratum (PS) determined by plant functional type and continent. PS is associated with an L4A model parameter covariance matrix that contributes to the Model Error Variance (Table 2).


Mode of interference (MI): Method used for a particular cell. Until mission completion, only those cells where hybrid inference is possible will be populated with a mean biomass value.

  • 0=None applied
  • 1=Hybrid Model-Based
  • 2=Generalized Hierarchical Model-Based

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This dataset is in the public domain and is available without restriction on use and distribution. See NASA's Earth Science Data & Information Policy for additional information.


  • Dubayah, R.O., J. Armston, S.P. Healey, Z. Yang, P.L. Patterson, S. Saarela, G. Stahl, L. Duncanson, and J.R. Kellner. 2022. GEDI L4B Gridded Aboveground Biomass Density, Version 2. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/2017


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var l4b = ee.Image('LARSE/GEDI/GEDI04_B_002')

    {min: 10, max: 250, palette: '440154,414387,2a788e,23a884,7ad151,fde725'},
    'Mean Biomass');
    {min: 10, max: 50, palette: '000004,3b0f6f,8c2981,dd4a69,fe9f6d,fcfdbf'},
    'Standard Error');