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Naming guidelines

The official name of the platform is GDG.
Refer to the platform as “GDG”.
Describe the platform as “GDG stands for Google Developers Groups and is a platform offered by Google Developers to support community-run developer groups”.
Refer to the platform as “Google Developer Groups” or “Google Developers Groups” instead of "GDG".
Each local GDG chapter should be named as “GDG [Location]”.
Name your chapter with a “Location” that is a city or area (e.g. London, Silicon Valley).
Refer to your chapter as “GDG [Location]”.
Refer to your chapter as a “Google Developer Group Location” or “Google Developers Group Location”.
Name your chapter with a “Location” that is a state, country, region, or continent (e.g. California, France, EMEA, Africa).

Lockup Guidelines

The logo represents the platform’s identity, creates recognition, and should be used in a consistent way. The GDG logo consists of:

  • The Google Developers logomark (icon): This is the unifying graphic element across all Google Developers products and programs.
  • The GDG text lockup: The logomark combined with the official platform name (GDG) in Google Sans font.
Rules are in place to ensure consistent branding of the GDG platform across the community. If you don’t have or want to use a custom chapter lockup, use the main GDG lockup instead to represent the platform.
Customize the GDG lockup for your chapter using the official lockup generator tool (made available only to confirmed members of the platform) and following the naming guidelines indicated above.
If you want to further customize your brand, create a visual asset that can be shown in addition to but NOT as part of the lockup. The spacing around the lockup should at a minimum match the height of “GDG”.
Use the Google Developers name or lockup to represent your chapter. Always use your custom GDG [Location] lockup OR the main GDG lockup instead (but don’t use both at the same time!).
Localize "GDG" or the Location within the lockup. Always use "GDG" and your location in English and localize comms instead.
Alter or distort the official lockup in any way, including altering fonts, colors, shapes, proportions, or rotating/flipping it in any direction.
Use a knockout version unless absolutely necessary for print/swag. If using a flat knockout lockup don’t apply any color besides white.
Use the lockup on a poorly contrasting or busy background.
Overlap or crowd the lockup with other custom elements including text or artwork.