Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relation between the Closure Library and the other Closure tools?

The Closure Library works best when used with the Closure Compiler. While Closure Library classes can increase the size of your JavaScript, the Closure Compiler helps reduce the size of your JavaScript by removing comments and unused code and shrinking the remaining code.

You can use Closure Templates in conjunction with the Closure Library and the Closure Compiler.

What is the relation between the Closure Library and other JavaScript libraries?

Many JavaScript libraries emphasize the ability to easily add JavaScript effects and features with minimal development time. Google engineers use these third-party tools for precisely the reason that the libraries are powerful for rapid development.

The Closure Library is designed for use in very large JavaScript applications. It has a rich API and provides tools for working with the browser at a lower level. It's not well suited for all tasks, but we think it provides a useful option for web developers.

Google remains committed to supporting third-party JavaScript libraries. Both the Closure Compiler Web Service and the Google AJAX Libraries API will continue to support a wide variety of JavaScript libraries. At present, the Google AJAX Libraries API supports jQuery, jQuery UI, Prototype,, MooTools, Dojo, YUI, and the Ext Core libraries.