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Sample index

Use this page to find samples by the App Actions features they support. Select a sample below to view the full sample in the Actions on Google GitHub repo. From the GitHub repo, you can clone or download samples to help you build your own Actions.

Samples on GitHub

The following table lists our sample Android apps. You can filter this table by the features or built-in intents (BIIs) you'd like to see used in the sample.

Sample Description Highlighted features and BIIs
Fitness basic sample This sample Android app is a simple fitness app where users can see workout information, as well as start and stop an exercise timer. actions.intent.START_EXERCISE, actions.intent.STOP_EXERCISE, actions.intent.GET_EXERCISE_OBSERVATION
To-do list sample This sample Android app manages items on to-do lists. Users can add items to to-do lists, search for items by category, and view information about completed tasks. actions.intent.GET_THING, actions.intent.OPEN_APP_FEATURE