Unreal GoogleARCore Plugin API Reference

GoogleARCore Plugin implements the Unified Unreal AR Framework and provides ARCore specific APIs that only works on ARCore on Android. This section contains docs for those ARCore Android specific APIs.


Google ARCore Base The base module for Google ARCore plugin.


FGoogleARCoreDelegates Delegate to call on camera configuration.
UGoogleARCoreAugmentedImage An object representing an augmented image currently in the scene.
UGoogleARCoreAugmentedImageDatabase A collection of processed images for ARCore to track.
UGoogleARCoreCameraImage An object that represents an acquired CPU-accessible camera image.
UGoogleARCoreCameraIntrinsics An object wrapping the ArCameraIntrinsics data from the ARCore SDK.
UGoogleARCoreEditorSettings Helper class used to expose FGoogleARCoreSessionConfig setting in the Editor plugin settings.
UGoogleARCoreEventManager Manager for ARCore delegates.
UGoogleARCoreFrameFunctionLibrary A function library that provides static/Blueprint functions associated with most recent GoogleARCore tracking frame.
UGoogleARCorePlaneRendererComponent A helper component that renders all the ARCore planes in the current tracking session.
UGoogleARCorePointCloud A UObject that contains a set of observed 3D points and confidence values.
UGoogleARCorePointCloudRendererComponent A helper component that renders the latest point cloud from the ARCore tracking session.
UGoogleARCoreSessionConfig A UDataAsset that can be used to configure ARCore specific settings on top of UARSessionConfig.
UGoogleARCoreSessionFunctionLibrary A function library that provides static/Blueprint functions associated with GoogleARCore session.


FGoogleARCoreAugmentedImageDatabaseEntry A single entry in a UGoogleARCoreAugmentedImageDatabase.
FGoogleARCoreCameraConfig Camera configuration from ARCore.
FGoogleARCoreLightEstimate A struct describes the ARCore light estimation.