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public class FirebaseVisionObjectDetector extends Object
implements Closeable Closeable

Detector for finding FirebaseVisionObjects in a supplied image.

A object detector is created via getOnDeviceObjectDetector(FirebaseVisionObjectDetectorOptions) or getOnDeviceObjectDetector(), if you wish to use the default options. For example, the code below creates an object detector with default options.

 FirebaseVisionObjectDetector objectDetector =
To perform object detection in an image, you first need to create an instance of FirebaseVisionImage from a Bitmap, ByteBuffer, etc. See FirebaseVisionImage documentation for more details. For example, the code below creates a FirebaseVisionImage from a ByteBuffer.
 FirebaseVisionImage image
    = FirebaseVisionImage.fromByteBuffer(byteBuffer, imageMetadata);
Then the code below can detect objects in the supplied FirebaseVisionImage.

 Task<List<FirebaseVisionObject>> task = objectDetector.processImage(image);

Public Method Summary

processImage(FirebaseVisionImage image)
Detects objects from supplied image.

Inherited Method Summary

Public Methods

public void close ()


public Task<List<FirebaseVisionObject>> processImage (FirebaseVisionImage image)

Detects objects from supplied image.

For best efficiency, create a FirebaseVisionImage object using following way:

All other FirebaseVisionImage factory methods will work as well, but possibly slightly slower.

Note that the width and height of the provided image cannot be less than 32.