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public final class FirebaseAuthInvalidUserException extends FirebaseAuthException

Thrown when performing an operation on a FirebaseUser instance that is no longer valid.

This could happen in the following cases:

  • ERROR_USER_DISABLED if the user has been disabled (for example, in the Firebase console)
  • ERROR_USER_NOT_FOUND if the user has been deleted (for example, in the Firebase console, or in another instance of this app)
  • ERROR_USER_TOKEN_EXPIRED if the user's token has been revoked in the backend. This happens automatically if the user's credentials change in another device (for example, on a password change event).
  • ERROR_INVALID_USER_TOKEN if the user's token is malformed. This should not happen under normal circumstances.
Inspect the error code and message to find out the specific cause.

You should consider this error condition as if the user had signed out of your app, and thus should require them to sign in again if they need to perform any action that requires authentication.

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public FirebaseAuthInvalidUserException (String code, String message)