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CameraSource.PictureCallback Callback interface used to supply image data from a photo capture. 
CameraSource.ShutterCallback Callback interface used to signal the moment of actual image capture. 
Detector.Processor<T> Interface for defining a post-processing action to be executed for each detection, when using the detector as part of a pipeline (see the class level docs above). 
MultiProcessor.Factory<T> Factory for creating new tracker instances. 


CameraSource Manages the camera in conjunction with an underlying Detector
CameraSource.Builder Builder for configuring and creating an associated camera source. 
Detector<T> Detector is the base class for implementing specific detector instances, such as a barcode detector or face detector. 
Detector.Detections<T> Detection result object containing both detected items and the associated frame metadata. 
FocusingProcessor<T> Base class for implementing a processor which filters the set of detection results, consistently delivering a single detected item to an associated Tracker
Frame Image data with associated metadata
Frame.Builder Builder for creating a frame instance. 
Frame.Metadata Frame metadata, describing the image dimensions, rotation, and sequencing information. 
MultiDetector A multi-detector is used to combine multiple detectors, so that multiple detectors can be used together on a frame or frames received from a source within a pipeline. 
MultiDetector.Builder Builder for creating MultiDetector instances. 
MultiProcessor<T> Detection processor which distributes the items of a detection result among individual trackers. 
MultiProcessor.Builder<T> Builder for creating a multiprocessor instance. 
Tracker<T> A tracker is used to receive notifications for a detected item over time.