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public abstract class RequestParams extends Object
implements Parcelable Parcelable
Known Direct Subclasses

This class is deprecated.
Please use Fido APIs instead.

Interface representing FIDO U2F request parameters.

Inherited Constant Summary

Public Constructor Summary

Public Method Summary

abstract Set<Uri>
abstract Uri
abstract ChannelIdValue
abstract String
abstract List<RegisteredKey>
abstract Integer
abstract Double

Inherited Method Summary

Public Constructors

public RequestParams ()

Public Methods

public abstract Set<Uri> getAllAppIds ()

  • All appIds claimed by this request, including default one in global request, and appIds in individual challenges, if available.

public abstract Uri getAppId ()

  • Default appId in global request.

public abstract ChannelIdValue getChannelIdValue ()

public abstract String getDisplayHint ()

  • The display hint (if any) that is displayed to the user.

public abstract List<RegisteredKey> getRegisteredKeys ()

public abstract Integer getRequestId ()

public abstract Double getTimeoutSeconds ()