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public static interface DriveFile.DownloadProgressListener

This interface was deprecated.
Use OpenFileCallback instead.

A listener for progress events on an active contents download. This listener can be specified using an optional parameter in open(GoogleApiClient, int, DriveFile.DownloadProgressListener).

See open(GoogleApiClient, int, DriveFile.DownloadProgressListener) for more information about the behavior when opening files.

Public Method Summary

abstract void
onProgress(long bytesDownloaded, long bytesExpected)

Public Methods

public abstract void onProgress (long bytesDownloaded, long bytesExpected)

bytesDownloaded the number of bytes downloaded so far.
bytesExpected the expected number of total bytes. This value is an estimate and might not correspond to the contents eventually returned. Note: This value will be -1 if the expected number of total bytes is unknown.