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public final class GooglePlayServicesMissingManifestValueException extends GooglePlayServicesManifestException

Exception encountered when the Google Play services version was not present in the client app's manifest.

Google Play services client libraries and SDKs check a meta-data value in the client app's manifest to assert the app was built with resources needed by the client libraries.

If you encounter this exception at runtime it indicates that either:

  • Your app was not built with the correct resources. This could be an issue with your build tooling or configuration.
  • There was a race condition in PackageManager at the time your app connected to Google Play services.

Note that you should NOT define this meta-data value manually. Instead you should rely on the build system to set this based on what is included in the Google Play services SDK.

Public Constructor Summary

Creates a GooglePlayServicesMissingManifestValueException.

Inherited Method Summary

Public Constructors

public GooglePlayServicesMissingManifestValueException ()

Creates a GooglePlayServicesMissingManifestValueException.