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public class NotificationAction extends Object
implements Parcelable

An object representing an action in the media notification. Note that it can be either a pre-defined action or a custom action. To create an action, use NotificationAction.Builder. If the action is a pre-defined action, only NotificationAction.Builder.setAction(String) needs to be called. See MediaIntentReceiver for the list of pre-defined actions. If the action is a custom action, call NotificationAction.Builder.setAction(String) to set the action, NotificationAction.Builder.setIconResId(int) to set the icon's resource ID, and NotificationAction.Builder.setContentDescription(String) to set the content description for accessibility.

Nested Class Summary

class NotificationAction.Builder A builder for NotificationAction

Inherited Constant Summary

Public Method Summary

Returns the intent action.
Returns the content description that is used for accessibility.
Returns the icon's resource ID.
writeToParcel(Parcel dest, int flags)

Inherited Method Summary

Public Methods

public String getAction ()

Returns the intent action.

public String getContentDescription ()

Returns the content description that is used for accessibility.

public int getIconResId ()

Returns the icon's resource ID.

public void writeToParcel (Parcel dest, int flags)