The AdWords API is no longer supported. Use the Google Ads API instead.

enum MultiplierError.Reason (v201809)

Reason for bidding error.

Enumeration Description
MULTIPLIER_TOO_HIGH Multiplier value is too high
MULTIPLIER_TOO_LOW Multiplier value is too low
TOO_MANY_FRACTIONAL_DIGITS Too many fractional digits
MULTIPLIER_NOT_ALLOWED_FOR_BIDDING_STRATEGY A multiplier cannot be set for this bidding strategy
MULTIPLIER_NOT_ALLOWED_WHEN_BASE_BID_IS_MISSING A multiplier cannot be set when there is no base bid (e.g., content max cpc)
NO_MULTIPLIER_SPECIFIED A bid multiplier must be specified
MULTIPLIER_CAUSES_BID_TO_EXCEED_DAILY_BUDGET Multiplier causes bid to exceed daily budget
MULTIPLIER_CAUSES_BID_TO_EXCEED_MONTHLY_BUDGET Multiplier causes bid to exceed monthly budget
MULTIPLIER_CAUSES_BID_TO_EXCEED_CUSTOM_BUDGET Multiplier causes bid to exceed custom budget
MULTIPLIER_CAUSES_BID_TO_EXCEED_MAX_ALLOWED_BID Multiplier causes bid to exceed maximum allowed bid
BID_LESS_THAN_MIN_ALLOWED_BID_WITH_MULTIPLIER Multiplier causes bid to become less than the minimum bid allowed
MULTIPLIER_AND_BIDDING_STRATEGY_TYPE_MISMATCH Multiplier type (cpc vs. cpm) needs to match campaign's bidding strategy