The AdWords API is no longer available. Use the Google Ads API instead.

enum CampaignError.Reason (v201809)

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The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
CANNOT_GO_BACK_TO_INCOMPLETE A complete campaign cannot go back to being incomplete
CANNOT_TARGET_CONTENT_NETWORK Cannot target content network.
CANNOT_TARGET_SEARCH_NETWORK Cannot target search network.
CANNOT_TARGET_GOOGLE_SEARCH_FOR_CPM_CAMPAIGN Cannot target Google Search network for a CPM campaign.
CAMPAIGN_MUST_TARGET_AT_LEAST_ONE_NETWORK Must target at least one network.
CANNOT_TARGET_PARTNER_SEARCH_NETWORK Only some Google partners are allowed to target partner search network.
CANNOT_TARGET_CONTENT_NETWORK_ONLY_WITH_CRITERIA_LEVEL_BIDDING_STRATEGY Cannot target content network only as campaign has criteria-level bidding strategy.
CAMPAIGN_DURATION_MUST_CONTAIN_ALL_RUNNABLE_TRIALS Cannot modify the start or end date such that the campaign duration would not contain the durations of all runnable trials.
CANNOT_MODIFY_FOR_TRIAL_CAMPAIGN Cannot modify dates, budget or campaign name of a trial campaign.
DUPLICATE_CAMPAIGN_NAME Trying to modify the name of an active or paused campaign, where the name is already assigned to another active or paused campaign.
INCOMPATIBLE_CAMPAIGN_FIELD Two fields are in conflicting modes.
INVALID_CAMPAIGN_NAME Campaign name cannot be used.
INVALID_TRACKING_URL Error in the campaign level tracking url.
CANNOT_SET_BOTH_TRACKING_URL_TEMPLATE_AND_TRACKING_SETTING Cannot set both tracking url template and tracking setting. An user has to clear legacy tracking setting in order to add tracking url template.
MAX_IMPRESSIONS_NOT_IN_RANGE The maximum number of impressions for Frequency Cap should be an integer greater than 0.
TIME_UNIT_NOT_SUPPORTED Only the Day, Week and Month time units are supported.
INVALID_OPERATION_IF_SERVING_STATUS_HAS_ENDED Operation not allowed on a campaign whose serving status has ended
BUDGET_CANNOT_BE_SHARED This budget is exclusively linked to a Campaign that is using @link{Experiment}s so it cannot be shared.
CAMPAIGN_CANNOT_USE_SHARED_BUDGET Campaigns using @link{Experiment}s cannot use a shared budget.
CANNOT_CHANGE_BUDGET_ON_CAMPAIGN_WITH_TRIALS A different budget cannot be assigned to a campaign when there are running or scheduled trials.
CAMPAIGN_LABEL_DOES_NOT_EXIST No link found between the campaign and the label.
CAMPAIGN_LABEL_ALREADY_EXISTS The label has already been attached to the campaign.
MISSING_SHOPPING_SETTING A ShoppingSetting was not found when creating a shopping campaign.
INVALID_SHOPPING_SALES_COUNTRY The country in shopping setting is not an allowed country.
MISSING_UNIVERSAL_APP_CAMPAIGN_SETTING A Campaign with channel sub type UNIVERSAL_APP_CAMPAIGN must have a UniversalAppCampaignSetting specified.
ADVERTISING_CHANNEL_TYPE_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_ACCOUNT_TYPE The requested channel type is not available according to the customer's account setting.
INVALID_ADVERTISING_CHANNEL_SUB_TYPE The AdvertisingChannelSubType is not a valid subtype of the primary channel type.
CAMPAIGN_CANNOT_USE_SHARED_BUDGET_WHILE_PART_OF_CAMPAIGN_GROUP A campaign cannot use a shared budget and be a part of a campaign group.
AT_LEAST_ONE_CONVERSION_MUST_BE_SELECTED At least one conversion must be selected.
CANNOT_SET_AD_ROTATION_MODE Setting ad rotation mode for a campaign is not allowed. Ad rotation mode at campaign is deprecated.
UNKNOWN Default error