The AdWords API is no longer available. Use the Google Ads API instead.

enum AdError.Reason (v201809)

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The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
AD_CUSTOMIZERS_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_AD_TYPE Ad customizers are not supported for ad type.
APPROXIMATELY_TOO_LONG Estimating character sizes the string is too long.
APPROXIMATELY_TOO_SHORT Estimating character sizes the string is too short.
BAD_SNIPPET There is a problem with the snippet.
CANNOT_MODIFY_AD Cannot modify an ad.
CANNOT_SET_BUSINESS_NAME_IF_URL_SET business name and url cannot be set at the same time
CANNOT_SET_FIELD The specified field is incompatible with this ad's type or settings.
CANNOT_SET_FIELD_WITH_ORIGIN_AD_ID_SET Cannot set field when originAdId is set.
CANNOT_SET_FIELD_WITH_AD_ID_SET_FOR_SHARING Cannot set field when an existing ad id is set for sharing.
CANNOT_SET_ALLOW_FLEXIBLE_COLOR_FALSE Cannot set allowFlexibleColor false if no color is provided by user.
CANNOT_SET_COLOR_CONTROL_WHEN_NATIVE_FORMAT_SETTING When user select native, no color control is allowed because we will always respect publisher color for native format serving.
CANNOT_SET_URL Cannot specify a url for the ad type
CANNOT_SET_WITHOUT_FINAL_URLS Cannot specify a tracking or mobile url without also setting final urls
CANNOT_SET_WITH_FINAL_URLS Cannot specify a legacy url and a final url simultaneously
CANNOT_SET_WITH_TRACKING_URL_TEMPLATE Cannot specify a legacy url and a tracking url template simultaneously in a DSA.
CANNOT_SET_WITH_URL_DATA Cannot specify a urls in UrlData and in template fields simultaneously.
CANNOT_USE_AD_SUBCLASS_FOR_OPERATOR This operator cannot be used with a subclass of Ad.
CUSTOMER_NOT_APPROVED_MOBILEADS Customer is not approved for mobile ads.
CUSTOMER_NOT_APPROVED_THIRDPARTY_ADS Customer is not approved for 3PAS richmedia ads.
CUSTOMER_NOT_APPROVED_THIRDPARTY_REDIRECT_ADS Customer is not approved for 3PAS redirect richmedia (Ad Exchange) ads.
CUSTOMER_NOT_ELIGIBLE Not an eligible customer
CUSTOMER_NOT_ELIGIBLE_FOR_UPDATING_BEACON_URL Customer is not eligible for updating beacon url
DIMENSION_ALREADY_IN_UNION There already exists an ad with the same dimensions in the union.
DIMENSION_MUST_BE_SET Ad's dimension must be set before setting union dimension.
DIMENSION_NOT_IN_UNION Ad's dimension must be included in the union dimensions.
DISPLAY_URL_CANNOT_BE_SPECIFIED Display Url cannot be specified (applies to Ad Exchange Ads)
DOMESTIC_PHONE_NUMBER_FORMAT Telephone number contains invalid characters or invalid format. Please re-enter your number using digits (0-9), dashes (-), and parentheses only.
EMERGENCY_PHONE_NUMBER Emergency telephone numbers are not allowed. Please enter a valid domestic phone number to connect customers to your business.
EMPTY_FIELD A required field was not specified or is an empty string.
FEED_ATTRIBUTE_MUST_HAVE_MAPPING_FOR_TYPE_ID A feed attribute referenced in an ad customizer tag is not in the ad customizer mapping for the feed.
FEED_ATTRIBUTE_MAPPING_TYPE_MISMATCH The ad customizer field mapping for the feed attribute does not match the expected field type.
ILLEGAL_AD_CUSTOMIZER_TAG_USE The use of ad customizer tags in the ad text is disallowed. Details in trigger.
ILLEGAL_TAG_USE Tags of the form {PH_x}, where x is a number, are disallowed in ad text.
INCONSISTENT_DIMENSIONS The dimensions of the ad are specified or derived in multiple ways and are not consistent.
INCONSISTENT_STATUS_IN_TEMPLATE_UNION The status cannot differ among template ads of the same union.
INCORRECT_LENGTH The length of the string is not valid.
INELIGIBLE_FOR_UPGRADE The ad is ineligible for upgrade.
INVALID_AD_ADDRESS_CAMPAIGN_TARGET User cannot create mobile ad for countries targeted in specified campaign.
INVALID_AD_TYPE Invalid Ad type. A specific type of Ad is required.
INVALID_ATTRIBUTES_FOR_MOBILE_IMAGE Headline, description or phone cannot be present when creating mobile image ad.
INVALID_ATTRIBUTES_FOR_MOBILE_TEXT Image cannot be present when creating mobile text ad.
INVALID_CALL_TO_ACTION_TEXT Invalid call to action text.
INVALID_COUNTRY_CODE Creative's country code is not valid.
INVALID_DSA_URL_TAG Invalid use of Dynamic Search Ads tags ({lpurl} etc.)
INVALID_EXPANDED_DYNAMIC_SEARCH_AD_TAG Invalid use of Expanded Dynamic Search Ads tags ({lpurl} etc.)
INVALID_INPUT An input error whose real reason was not properly mapped (should not happen).
INVALID_MARKUP_LANGUAGE An invalid markup language was entered.
INVALID_MOBILE_CARRIER An invalid mobile carrier was entered.
INVALID_MOBILE_CARRIER_TARGET Specified mobile carriers target a country not targeted by the campaign.
INVALID_NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS Wrong number of elements for given element type
INVALID_PHONE_NUMBER_FORMAT The format of the telephone number is incorrect. Please re-enter the number using the correct format.
INVALID_RICH_MEDIA_CERTIFIED_VENDOR_FORMAT_ID The certified vendor format id is incorrect.
INVALID_TEMPLATE_DATA The template ad data contains validation errors.
INVALID_TEMPLATE_ELEMENT_FIELD_TYPE The template field doesn't have have the correct type.
INVALID_TEMPLATE_ID Invalid template id.
LINE_TOO_WIDE After substituting replacement strings, the line is too wide.
MISSING_AD_CUSTOMIZER_MAPPING The feed referenced must have ad customizer mapping to be used in a customizer tag.
MISSING_ADDRESS_COMPONENT Missing address component in template element address field.
MISSING_ADVERTISEMENT_NAME An ad name must be entered.
MISSING_BUSINESS_NAME Business name must be entered.
MISSING_DESCRIPTION1 Description (line 2) must be entered.
MISSING_DESCRIPTION2 Description (line 3) must be entered.
MISSING_DESTINATION_URL_TAG The destination url must contain at least one tag (e.g. {lpurl})
MISSING_LANDING_PAGE_URL_TAG The tracking url template of ExpandedDynamicSearchAd must contain at least one tag. (e.g. {lpurl})
MISSING_DIMENSION A valid dimension must be specified for this ad.
MISSING_DISPLAY_URL A display URL must be entered.
MISSING_HEADLINE Headline must be entered.
MISSING_HEIGHT A height must be entered.
MISSING_IMAGE An image must be entered.
MISSING_MARKETING_IMAGE_OR_PRODUCT_VIDEOS Marketing image or product videos are required.
MISSING_MARKUP_LANGUAGES The markup language in which your site is written must be entered.
MISSING_MOBILE_CARRIER A mobile carrier must be entered.
MISSING_PHONE Phone number must be entered.
MISSING_REQUIRED_TEMPLATE_FIELDS Missing required template fields
MISSING_TEMPLATE_FIELD_VALUE Missing a required field value
MISSING_TEXT The ad must have text.
MISSING_VISIBLE_URL A visible URL must be entered.
MISSING_WIDTH A width must be entered.
MULTIPLE_DISTINCT_FEEDS_UNSUPPORTED Only 1 feed can be used as the source of ad customizer substitutions in a single ad.
MUST_USE_TEMP_AD_UNION_ID_ON_ADD TempAdUnionId must be use when adding template ads.
TOO_LONG The string has too many characters.
TOO_SHORT The string has too few characters.
UNION_DIMENSIONS_CANNOT_CHANGE Ad union dimensions cannot change for saved ads.
UNKNOWN_ADDRESS_COMPONENT Address component is not {country, lat, lng}.
UNKNOWN_FIELD_NAME Unknown unique field name
UNKNOWN_UNIQUE_NAME Unknown unique name (template element type specifier)
UNSUPPORTED_DIMENSIONS Unsupported ad dimension
URL_INVALID_SCHEME URL starts with an invalid scheme.
URL_INVALID_TOP_LEVEL_DOMAIN URL ends with an invalid top-level domain name.
URL_MALFORMED URL contains illegal characters.
URL_NO_HOST URL must contain a host name.
URL_NOT_EQUIVALENT URL not equivalent during upgrade.
URL_HOST_NAME_TOO_LONG URL host name too long to be stored as visible URL (applies to Ad Exchange ads)
URL_NO_SCHEME URL must start with a scheme.
URL_NO_TOP_LEVEL_DOMAIN URL should end in a valid domain extension, such as .com or .net.
URL_PATH_NOT_ALLOWED URL must not end with a path.
URL_PORT_NOT_ALLOWED URL must not specify a port.
URL_QUERY_NOT_ALLOWED URL must not contain a query.
URL_SCHEME_BEFORE_DSA_TAG A url scheme is not allowed in front of tag in dest url (e.g. http://{lpurl})
URL_SCHEME_BEFORE_EXPANDED_DYNAMIC_SEARCH_AD_TAG A url scheme is not allowed in front of tag in tracking url template (e.g. http://{lpurl})
USER_DOES_NOT_HAVE_ACCESS_TO_TEMPLATE The user does not have permissions to create a template ad for the given template.
INCONSISTENT_EXPANDABLE_SETTINGS Expandable setting is inconsistent/wrong. For example, an AdX ad is invalid if it has a expandable vendor format but no expanding directions specified, or expanding directions is specified, but the vendor format is not expandable.
INVALID_FORMAT Format is invalid
INVALID_FIELD_TEXT The text of this field did not match a pattern of allowed values.
ELEMENT_NOT_PRESENT Template element is mising
IMAGE_ERROR Error occurred during image processing
VALUE_NOT_IN_RANGE The value is not within the valid range
FIELD_NOT_PRESENT Template element field is not present
ADDRESS_NOT_COMPLETE Address is incomplete
ADDRESS_INVALID Invalid address
VIDEO_RETRIEVAL_ERROR Error retrieving specified video
AUDIO_ERROR Error processing audio
INVALID_YOUTUBE_DISPLAY_URL Display URL is incorrect for YouTube PYV ads
TOO_MANY_PRODUCT_IMAGES Too many product Images in GmailAd
TOO_MANY_PRODUCT_VIDEOS Too many product Videos in GmailAd
INCOMPATIBLE_AD_TYPE_AND_DEVICE_PREFERENCE The device preference is not compatible with the ad type
CALLTRACKING_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_COUNTRY Call tracking is not supported for specified country.
CARRIER_SPECIFIC_SHORT_NUMBER_NOT_ALLOWED Carrier specific short number is not allowed.
DISALLOWED_NUMBER_TYPE Specified phone number type is disallowed.
PHONE_NUMBER_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_COUNTRY Phone number not supported for country.
PHONE_NUMBER_NOT_SUPPORTED_WITH_CALLTRACKING_FOR_COUNTRY Phone number not supported with call tracking enabled for country.
PREMIUM_RATE_NUMBER_NOT_ALLOWED Premium rate phone number is not allowed.
VANITY_PHONE_NUMBER_NOT_ALLOWED Vanity phone number is not allowed.
INVALID_CALL_CONVERSION_TYPE_ID Invalid call conversion type id.
CANNOT_SET_PATH2_WITHOUT_PATH1 Cannot set path2 without path1.
MISSING_DYNAMIC_SEARCH_ADS_SETTING_DOMAIN_NAME Missing domain name in campaign setting when adding expanded dynamic search ad.
UNKNOWN An unexpected or unknown error occurred.