The AdWords API is no longer supported. Use the Google Ads API instead.

type RelatedToUrlSearchParameter (v201809)

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A SearchParameter that specifies a set of URLs that results should in some way be related to. For example, keyword results would be similar to content keywords found on the related URLs.

This element is supported by following IdeaTypes: KEYWORD.

This element is supported by following RequestTypes: IDEAS.



SearchParameter (inherited)



Indicates that this instance is a subtype of SearchParameter. Although this field is returned in the response, it is ignored on input and cannot be selected. Specify xsi:type instead.




A set of URL strings to which search results should be related. For KEYWORD queries, only one URL may be submitted.

This field must contain distinct elements.
This field must not contain null elements.
This field must contain at least one element.
This field is required and should not be null.



Whether to crawl links off of the urls for the same domain. Default is false.