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enum ReportDefinitionError.Reason (v201809)

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Enums for all the reasons an error can be thrown to the user during a ReportDefinitionService.mutate(java.util.List) operation.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_DATE_RANGE_FOR_REPORT Customer passed in invalid date range for a report type.
INVALID_FIELD_NAME_FOR_REPORT Customer passed in invalid field name for a report type
UNABLE_TO_FIND_MAPPING_FOR_THIS_REPORT Unable to locate a field mapping for this report type.
INVALID_COLUMN_NAME_FOR_REPORT Customer passed in invalid column name for a report type
INVALID_REPORT_DEFINITION_ID Customer passed in invalid report definition id.
REPORT_SELECTOR_CANNOT_BE_NULL Report selector cannot be null.
NO_ENUMS_FOR_THIS_COLUMN_NAME No Enums exist for this column name.
INVALID_VIEW Invalid view name.
SORTING_NOT_SUPPORTED Sorting is not supported for reports.
PAGING_NOT_SUPPORTED Paging is not supported for reports.
CUSTOMER_SERVING_TYPE_REPORT_MISMATCH Customer can not create report of a selected type.
CLIENT_SELECTOR_NO_CUSTOMER_IDENTIFIER Cross-client report has a client selector without any valid identifier for a customer.
CLIENT_SELECTOR_INVALID_CUSTOMER_ID Cross-client report has an invalid external customer ID in the client selector.