The AdWords API is no longer supported. Use the Google Ads API instead.

enum OfflineCallConversionError.Reason (v201809)

The reasons for an OfflineCallConversionError.

Enumeration Description
CONVERSION_PRECEDES_CALL The conversion time cannot precede the call time.
FUTURE_CALL_START_TIME You cannot set a future call start time.
FUTURE_CONVERSION_TIME You cannot set a future conversion time.
EXPIRED_CALL The click that initiated the call is too old for this conversion to be imported.
TOO_RECENT_CALL We are still processing this call's information, please re-upload this conversion in 4-6 hours.
UNPARSEABLE_CALLERS_PHONE_NUMBER The caller’s phone number cannot be parsed. Please re-upload in one of the supported formats. It should be formatted either as E.164 "+16502531234", International "+64 3-331 6005" or as a US national number “6502531234”.
INVALID_CALL We are unable to import a conversion for this call, since either this call or the click leading to the call was not found in our system.
UNAUTHORIZED_USER This call belongs to an account that you are not authorized to access.
INVALID_CONVERSION_TYPE We cannot find an import conversion type with this name in the target account.
TOO_RECENT_CONVERSION_TYPE This conversion action was created too recently. Please wait for 4 hours and try uploading again.
CONVERSION_TRACKING_NOT_ENABLED_AT_CALL_TIME Unable to upload. No AdWords call import conversion types were defined when this call occurred. Please make sure you create at least one such conversion type before uploading.
DESKTOP_CALL_NOT_SUPPORTED We can't count calls from ads made by computer or tablet users as conversions.
INTERNAL_ERROR An internal server error occurred, please try again.