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enum ImageError.Reason (v201809)

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Enumeration Description
INVALID_IMAGE The image is not valid.
STORAGE_ERROR The image could not be stored.
BAD_REQUEST There was a problem with the request.
UNEXPECTED_SIZE The image is not of legal dimensions.
ANIMATED_NOT_ALLOWED Animated image are not permitted.
ANIMATION_TOO_LONG Animation is too long.
SERVER_ERROR There was an error on the server.
CMYK_JPEG_NOT_ALLOWED Image cannot be in CMYK color format.
FLASH_NOT_ALLOWED Flash images are not permitted.
FLASH_WITHOUT_CLICKTAG Flash images must support clickTag.
FLASH_ERROR_AFTER_FIXING_CLICK_TAG A flash error has occurred after fixing the click tag.
ANIMATED_VISUAL_EFFECT Unacceptable visual effects.
FLASH_ERROR There was a problem with the flash image.
LAYOUT_PROBLEM Incorrect image layout.
PROBLEM_READING_IMAGE_FILE There was a problem reading the image file.
ERROR_STORING_IMAGE There was an error storing the image.
ASPECT_RATIO_NOT_ALLOWED The aspect ratio of the image is not allowed.
FLASH_HAS_NETWORK_OBJECTS Flash cannot have network objects.
FLASH_HAS_NETWORK_METHODS Flash cannot have network methods.
FLASH_HAS_URL Flash cannot have a Url.
FLASH_HAS_MOUSE_TRACKING Flash cannot use mouse tracking.
FLASH_HAS_RANDOM_NUM Flash cannot have a random number.
FLASH_SELF_TARGETS Ad click target cannot be '_self'.
FLASH_BAD_GETURL_TARGET GetUrl method should only use '_blank'.
FLASH_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED Flash version is not supported.
FLASH_WITHOUT_HARD_CODED_CLICK_URL Flash movies need to have hard coded click URL or clickTAG
INVALID_FLASH_FILE Uploaded flash file is corrupted.
FAILED_TO_FIX_CLICK_TAG_IN_FLASH Uploaded flash file can be parsed, but the click tag can not be fixed properly.
FLASH_ACCESSES_NETWORK_RESOURCES Flash movie accesses network resources
FLASH_EXTERNAL_JS_CALL Flash movie attempts to call external javascript code
FLASH_EXTERNAL_FS_CALL Flash movie attempts to call flash system commands
FILE_TOO_LARGE Image file is too large.
IMAGE_DATA_TOO_LARGE Image data is too large.
IMAGE_PROCESSING_ERROR Error while processing the image.
IMAGE_TOO_SMALL Image is too small.
INVALID_INPUT Input was invalid.
PROBLEM_READING_FILE There was a problem reading the image file.