The AdWords API is no longer supported. Use the Google Ads API instead.

enum FeedItemError.Reason (v201809)

The reasons for the error.

Enumeration Description
CAMPAIGN_TARGETING_MISMATCH Targeted adgroup's campaign does not match the targeted campaign.
CANNOT_CONVERT_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE_FROM_STRING Cannot convert the feed attribute value from string to its real type.
CANNOT_OPERATE_ON_REMOVED_FEED_ITEM Cannot operate on removed feed item.
DATE_TIME_MUST_BE_IN_ACCOUNT_TIME_ZONE Date time zone does not match the account's time zone.
KEY_ATTRIBUTES_NOT_FOUND Feed item with the key attributes could not be found.
INVALID_DEVICE_PREFERENCE Unknown or unsupported device preference.
INVALID_SCHEDULE_END Invalid feed item schedule end time (i.e., endHour = 24 and endMinute != 0).
INVALID_URL Url feed attribute value is not valid.
MISSING_KEY_ATTRIBUTES Some key attributes are missing.
KEY_ATTRIBUTES_NOT_UNIQUE Feed item has same key attributes as another feed item.
CANNOT_MODIFY_KEY_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE Cannot modify key attributes on an existing feed item.
OVERLAPPING_SCHEDULES Overlapping feed item schedule times (e.g., 7-10AM and 8-11AM) are not allowed.
SCHEDULE_END_NOT_AFTER_START Feed item schedule end time must be after start time.
TOO_MANY_SCHEDULES_PER_DAY There are too many feed item schedules per day.
SIZE_TOO_LARGE_FOR_MULTI_VALUE_ATTRIBUTE The feed attribute value is too large.
UNKNOWN Unknown error.