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enum MediaError.Reason (v201809)

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The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
CANNOT_ADD_STANDARD_ICON Cannot add a standard icon type
CANNOT_SPECIFY_MEDIA_ID_AND_DATA Image contains both a media ID and media data.
DUPLICATE_MEDIA A media with given type and reference id already exists
EMPTY_FIELD A required field was not specified or is an empty string.
ENTITY_REFERENCED_IN_MULTIPLE_OPS A media may only be modified once per call
FIELD_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_MEDIA_SUB_TYPE Field is not supported for the media sub type.
INVALID_MEDIA_ID The media id is invalid
INVALID_MEDIA_SUB_TYPE The media subtype is invalid
INVALID_MEDIA_TYPE The media type is invalid
INVALID_MIME_TYPE The mimetype is invalid
INVALID_REFERENCE_ID The media reference id is invalid
INVALID_YOU_TUBE_ID The YouTube video id is invalid
MEDIA_FAILED_TRANSCODING Media has failed transcoding
MEDIA_NOT_TRANSCODED Media has not been transcoded
MEDIA_TYPE_DOES_NOT_MATCH_OBJECT_TYPE The MediaType does not match the actual media object's type
NO_FIELDS_SPECIFIED None of the fields have been specified.
NULL_REFERENCE_ID_AND_MEDIA_ID One of reference Id or media Id must be specified
TOO_LONG The string has too many characters.
UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION The specified operation is not supported. Only ADD, SET, and REMOVE are supported
UNSUPPORTED_TYPE The specified type is not supported.
YOU_TUBE_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE YouTube is unavailable for requesting video data.
YOU_TUBE_VIDEO_HAS_NON_POSITIVE_DURATION The YouTube video has a non positive duration.
YOU_TUBE_VIDEO_NOT_FOUND The YouTube video id is syntactically valid but the video was not found.