The AdWords API will sunset on April 27, 2022. Migrate to the Google Ads API to take advantage of the latest Google Ads features.

enum ChangeStatus (v201809)

An enum used to classify the types of changes that have been made to an adgroup/campaign during a specified date range. This only refers to the field of the entity itself, and not its children.

For example, if an AdGroup name changed, this status would be FIELDS_CHANGED, but if only bids on keywords belonging an AdGroup were changed this status would be FIELDS_UNCHANGED.

Enumeration Description
FIELDS_UNCHANGED The fields of this entity have not changed, but there may still be changes to its children.
FIELDS_CHANGED The fields of this entity have changed, for example the name of an adgroup.
NEW This entity was created during the time frame we're looking at. We will not enumerate all of the individual changes to this entity and its children. Instead it should be loaded from the appropriate service.