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enum CustomAffinityError.Reason (v201809)

Error reasons.

Enumeration Description
NAME_ALREADY_USED Duplicated name ignoring cases.
CUSTOM_AFFINITY_TOKEN_ID_AND_TYPE_PARAMETER_NOT_PRESENT_IN_REMOVE In remove custom affinity token operation, both token ID and pair [type, parameter] are not present.
TYPE_AND_PARAMETER_NOT_FOUND The pair of [type, parameter] does not exist.
TYPE_AND_PARAMETER_ALREADY_EXISTED The pair of [type, parameter] already exists.
INVALID_CUSTOM_AFFINITY_TOKEN_TYPE Unsupported custom affinity token type.
CANNOT_REMOVE_WHILE_IN_USE Cannot remove a custom affinity while it's still being used as targeting.
FIELD_MUTATE_OPERATOR_FOR_TOKENS_IS_NOT_SUPPORTED Field mutate operator for tokens is not supported.
READ_ONLY_ENTITY Read only entities are not editable.
CANNOT_CHANGE_TYPE Cannot change custom affinity type.