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enum VanityPharmaText (v201809)

Static text for Vanity Pharma URLs. This text with website descriptions will be shown in the display URL when website description option for vanity pharma URLs is selected.

Enumeration Description
PRESCRIPTION_TREATMENT_WEBSITE_EN Prescription treatment website
PRESCRIPTION_TREATMENT_WEBSITE_ES Sitio de tratamientos con receta
PRESCRIPTION_DEVICE_WEBSITE_EN Prescription device website
PRESCRIPTION_DEVICE_WEBSITE_ES Sitio de dispositivos con receta
MEDICAL_DEVICE_WEBSITE_EN Medical device website
MEDICAL_DEVICE_WEBSITE_ES Sitio de dispositivos médicos
PREVENTATIVE_TREATMENT_WEBSITE_EN Preventative treatment website
PREVENTATIVE_TREATMENT_WEBSITE_ES Sitio de tratamientos preventivos
PRESCRIPTION_CONTRACEPTION_WEBSITE_EN Prescription contraception website
PRESCRIPTION_CONTRACEPTION_WEBSITE_ES Sitio de anticonceptivos con receta
PRESCRIPTION_VACCINE_WEBSITE_EN Prescription vaccine website
PRESCRIPTION_VACCINE_WEBSITE_ES Sitio de vacunas con receta