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enum SelectorError.Reason (v201809)

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The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_FIELD_NAME The field name is not valid.
MISSING_FIELDS The list of fields is null or empty.
MISSING_PREDICATES The list of predicates is null or empty.
OPERATOR_DOES_NOT_SUPPORT_MULTIPLE_VALUES Predicate operator does not support multiple values. Multiple values are supported only for Predicate.Operator.IN and Predicate.Operator.NOT_IN.
INVALID_PREDICATE_ENUM_VALUE The predicate enum value is not valid.
MISSING_PREDICATE_OPERATOR The predicate operator is empty.
MISSING_PREDICATE_VALUES The predicate values are empty.
INVALID_PREDICATE_FIELD_NAME The predicate field name is not valid.
INVALID_PREDICATE_OPERATOR The predicate operator is not valid.
INVALID_FIELD_SELECTION Invalid selection of fields.
INVALID_PREDICATE_VALUE The predicate value is not valid.
INVALID_SORT_FIELD_NAME The sort field name is not valid or the field is not sortable.
SELECTOR_ERROR Standard error.
FILTER_BY_DATE_RANGE_NOT_SUPPORTED Filtering by date range is not supported.
START_INDEX_IS_TOO_HIGH Selector paging start index is too high.
TOO_MANY_PREDICATE_VALUES The values list in a predicate was too long.