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enum UserListError.Reason (v201809)

Enumeration Description
EXTERNAL_REMARKETING_USER_LIST_MUTATE_NOT_SUPPORTED Creating and updating external remarketing user lists is not supported.
CONCRETE_TYPE_REQUIRED Concrete type of user list (logical v.s. remarketing) is required for ADD and SET operations.
CONVERSION_TYPE_ID_REQUIRED Adding/updating user list conversion types requires specifying the conversion type id.
DUPLICATE_CONVERSION_TYPES Remarketing user list cannot have duplicate conversion types.
INVALID_CONVERSION_TYPE Conversion type is invalid/unknown.
INVALID_DESCRIPTION User list description is empty or invalid
INVALID_NAME User list name is empty or invalid.
INVALID_TYPE Type of the UserList does not match.
CAN_NOT_ADD_SIMILAR_LIST_AS_LOGICAL_LIST_NONE_OPERAND Can't use similar list in logical user list rule when operator is NONE.
CAN_NOT_ADD_LOGICAL_LIST_AS_LOGICAL_LIST_OPERAND Embedded logical user lists are not allowed.
INVALID_USER_LIST_LOGICAL_RULE_OPERAND User list rule operand is invalid.
NAME_ALREADY_USED Name is already being used for another user list for the account.
NEW_CONVERSION_TYPE_NAME_REQUIRED Name is required when creating a new conversion type.
CONVERSION_TYPE_NAME_ALREADY_USED The given conversion type name has been used.
OWNERSHIP_REQUIRED_FOR_SET Only an owner account may edit a user list.
REMOVE_NOT_SUPPORTED Removing user lists is not supported.
USER_LIST_MUTATE_NOT_SUPPORTED The user list of the type is not mutable
INVALID_RULE Rule is invalid.
INVALID_DATE_RANGE The specified date range is empty.
CAN_NOT_MUTATE_SENSITIVE_USERLIST A userlist which is privacy sensitive or legal rejected cannot be mutated by external users.
MAX_NUM_RULEBASED_USERLISTS Maximum number of rulebased user lists a customer can have.
CANNOT_MODIFY_BILLABLE_RECORD_COUNT BasicUserList's billable record field cannot be modified once it is set.
APP_ID_NOT_ALLOWED appId field can only be set when uploadKeyType is MOBILE_ADVERTISING_ID.
APP_ID_NOT_SET appId field must be set when uploadKeyType is MOBILE_ADVERTISING_ID.
USER_LIST_SERVICE_ERROR Default generic error.