type GeoTargeting (v202111)

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Provides line items the ability to target geographical locations. By default, line items target all countries and their subdivisions. With geographical targeting, you can target line items to specific countries, regions, metro areas, and cities. You can also exclude the same.

The following rules apply for geographical targeting:

  • You cannot target and exclude the same location.
  • You cannot target a child whose parent has been excluded. For example, if the state of Illinois has been excluded, then you cannot target Chicago.
  • You must not target a location if you are also targeting its parent. For example, if you are targeting New York City, you must not have the state of New York as one of the targeted locations.
  • You cannot explicitly define inclusions or exclusions that are already implicit. For example, if you explicitly include California, you implicitly exclude all other states. You therefore cannot explicitly exclude Florida, because it is already implicitly excluded. Conversely if you explicitly exclude Florida, you cannot explicitly include California.





The geographical locations being targeted by the LineItem.



The geographical locations being excluded by the LineItem.