enum AccountStatus (v202105)

Status of the MCM child publisher's Ad Manager account with respect to delegated serving. In order for the child network to be served ads for MCM, it must have accepted the invite from the parent network, and must have passed Google's policy compliance verifications.

Enumeration Description
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.
INVITED The child publisher has not acted on the invite from the parent.
DECLINED The child publisher has declined the invite.
PENDING_GOOGLE_APPROVAL The child publisher has accepted the invite, and is awaiting Google's policy compliance verifications.
APPROVED The child publisher accepted the invite, and Google found it to be compliant with its policies, i.e. no policy violations were found, and the child publisher can be served ads.
DISAPPROVED_POLICY_VIOLATION The child publisher accepted the invite, but was disapproved by Google for violating its policies.
DISAPPROVED_DUPLICATE_ACCOUNT The child publisher accepted the invite, but was disapproved by Google for being a duplicate of another account.
EXPIRED The invite was sent to the child publisher more than 90 days ago, due to which it has been deactivated.
INACTIVE Either the child publisher disconnected from the parent network, or the parent network withdrew the invite.
DEACTIVATED_BY_AD_MANAGER The association between the parent and child publishers was deactivated by Google Ad Manager.